Bluetooth Music Eye Massager

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An ideal device to treat yourself with a relaxing eye massager, the Eye Massager is designed to target acupoints and aid headaches. It harnesses trigger-point therapy, compression, and rhythmic percussion massaging alongside integrated heat pads to relieve eye strain, puffiness, and dry eyes.

  • Relieves headaches and eye strain
  • Alleviates eye puffiness, dry eyes, and migraines
  • Helps reduce dark circles under the eyes
  • Soothes tired eyes
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Gently relaxes for deeper sleep
  • Maintains good eye health


  • COMFORTABLE HOT COMPRESS: The Bluetooth Music Eye Massager with intelligent multi-frequency vibration massage, and intelligent circulating air pressure, the airbag is inflated and deflated in a sequence, just like a human hand, rubbing 9 acupoint groups around the eyes. 15 minutes timer could moderately relax your eyes.
  • FOLDABLE & ADJUSTABLE DESIGN:  Bluetooth Music Eye Massager is made with Eco-friendly skin-friendly material, soft PU leather, and is easy to clean. The curved nose bridge, designed according to ergonomics, is suitable for most face shapes, and the head belt is adjustable and can be worn by teenagers to adults. 180° foldable design allows for easy portability so you can take it with you wherever you go.
  • BLUETOOTH CONNECTION FOR MUSIC & CALL: Have a built-in speaker inside that will automatically play the prerecorded nature sound which could enhance relaxation. The Bluetooth connection function allows you to connect to your song lists or realize the Bluetooth call function.

Customer Reviews

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Fermin Russel

The product is a leap! The advancement this product provided me in my daily life, I couldn't thank less the manufacturers. Recommended!

Graciela Robel

Super satisfied with the product, it arrived very fast and worked accurately. I recommend it!

Destin Barrows

It takes time to arrive, but very good massage equipment. It's worth waiting

Jeremy Hessel

Great product. It really works as advertised. It soothes my eyes. I prefer using it before bed time.

Hoyt Gerlach

If you constantly use your computer for work or gaming, then this is for you. It helps relieve eye strain after a long gaming session and my eyes feel a lot better. Would recommend!