Face Washing Wristbands

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Are you as obsessed with skincare as I am? That's why we developed this super comfy spa headband and wristband set. 

The soft plush headband holds your hair back while washing your face and applying makeup or creams. The fuzzy wristbands prevent water and liquids from running down your arms.

Perfect for your morning or night routines, and a super cute gift for girls' spa parties and sleepovers! 



The Face Washing Wristbands are made of ultra-soft velvet microfiber for a luxury in-home spa experience. Cute, cozy, and comfortable loungewear to do your skincare routine in. Perfect for self-care selfies.


  • Avoid the mess that comes along with the water going down your arms
  • Stop the worse case when already applied lotion and then water drip on it
  • No more waste of running water




  • Ultra absorbent wristbands for drip-free face washing.
  • One size fits most - Extremely stretchy. Fits small to very large hands and wrists.
  • Each pack includes 2 Face Washing Wristbands.
  • Hang dry daily. Machine wash weekly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Vena Thompson

I absolutely love this spa face washing wristband! It's so soft and comfortable to wear while washing my face. It keeps my hair out of my face and prevents water from dripping down my arms.

Santino Anderson

This wristband is a game changer for my skincare routine! It makes washing my face so much easier and more enjoyable.

Jaylin Prosacco

I'm so glad I purchased this face washing wristband. It's made such a difference in keeping my hair dry while washing my face.

Julianne Haley

This wristband is a must-have for anyone who loves a good spa day at home. It's so convenient and practical.

Adell Heathcote

I never knew I needed a face washing wristband until I got one. Now, I can't imagine going back to washing my face without it!